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CODY CLINTON & MIKE FULTON - Coconut Point 09 - Speaker

Classroom Speaking Engagement Subject: Learn simple – fast – effective methods of capturing images using Canon, Nikon and others eTTL/iTTL wireless flash without all techno-geeky talk. Straight forward technique developed for the fast paced, action world of weddings that can also be used in many other situations such as Seniors and Children photography. No need for a light meter or guessing a ratio settings, this technique taught will be a simple solution for almost every lighting situation one might face.

During the week hands-on learning engagements: Both outdoor and indoor lighting situations will be shown and explained, with simple pullback and final product images shown. A NO SECRET approach in teaching, sharing and learning, including the pros and cons and major trouble shooting problems and solutions to this simple yet effective aspect of lighting. Come learn the power of the "other" wireless flash technique, the IR-Method matched with the new and improved version of Radio Popper PX Units.

  • Basic Tips and Tricks to Canon/Nikon and other Wireless Flash Units
  • Manually creating ratios the easy way - Pros and Cons to the IR Method
  • eTTL and iTTL settings
  • Manual Mode
  • Zoom
  • Custom Functions
  • Radio Popper Units and how to use them with wireless flash units
  • Learn to travel light and capture on the go anywhere in the world.

You'll Learn:

1. You will learn simple, fast, and effective tips to your flash units (mainly Canon and Nikon) that will take your photography to another level right away!

2. One will learn the pros and cons of the eTTL/iTTL method compared to other wireless flash methods.

3. Basic concepts in "flash placement". Learning to use your flash as an outdoor portable studio as well as simple light modifiers which wont break the bank.

4. Also everyone from TriCoast present will be ready to assist out in ANY OTHER MANNER which the student could possibly need.  From coaching in the shooting lab, Sunset Shooting, or just hanging out by the pool talking shop.  Truly this is the best learning environment one can get for hands-on learning from TriCoast.

About Mike & Cody and Jordan:
Artists, Authors and all around crazy internationally award winning photographers, Mike Fulton, Cody Clinton, Jordan Chan and others of TriCoast Photography have gained world-wide popularity with their simple – fast – effective wireless flash techniques. Boasting worldwide and editorial fashion style of art, TriCoast's unique style provides clients with a one-of-a-kind attitude that is very apparent in their final artwork. With an easy to follow and fun atmosphere TriCoast believes in the NO SECRETS teaching attitude, giving the pros and cons to their lighting method which they have developed over many years of trial and error capturing wedding day events around the world. Former Eastman Kodak's World Wide Photographers to Watch as well as capturing weddings for Dignitaries of Countries around the world, TriCoast Photography has shown that teamwork, passion for the arts, and a sense of humor is the key to success.

COLLEEN GONSAR & DARTY HINES - Coconut Point 09' - Speaker



Variety - the spice of seniors

Join Colleen Gonsar and Darty Hines from Colleen & Co. as they share  how to create variety in your studio. They will showcase variety in  marketing, posing, and lighting. Quick and easy lighting and posing  tips that will work for any size portrait studio. Todays seniors are  looking for quality images with posing and lighting that makes them  look amazing. Colleen and Darty will present ways to do just that. For  more on Colleen & Co. visit 

JAMIE HAYES & MARY FISK - TAYLOR - Coconut Point 09' - Speaker



The Best of Both Worlds

Richmond, Virginia  804-740-9307

 Don’t miss this great opportunity to spend a week at one of the country’s leading photography schools with two fabulous instructors.  Jamie Hayes and Mary Fisk-Taylor will spend the week discussing their path of success in the profession of photography.  If you are striving to refine your existing business or want to take your part time business to the next level then this is the class for you.

 Jamie and Mary own and operate a small home based portrait and wedding studio in Richmond, Virginia.  In the past 14 years they have grown their business and now gross over $800,000 a year.  They will spend each day discussing the fundamental basics that have helped them establish their business over the years into one of their areas’ leading studios.

 There will be hands on photography workshops each day with models.  They will share the key elements to building a very streamlined studio in a small space and the basics of environmental lighting. 

 JEN HILLENGA - Coconut Point 09 - Speaker

MARIE KAMP & MICHELLE WEAVER - Coconut Point 09 - Speaker


Behind the…RED DOOR  

Part 1: Grabbing a New idea & running with it!

·  Introduction and Overview

-Who are these women???

-How we strategize

-Our “Big” idea

-Makin’ it work!

·  C.P.R. for your Studio (Creative Photographic Resuscitation)

 -Why focus on women

 -How & why, in this economy is Red Door so successful

 -Making your studio the pulse of your community

 -Catapulting yourselves beyond your competition

 -Create branding, income&customer loyalty like never before

-Marketing to the right demographic


Part 2:  Working with Real women

·  Every women defines her own “Sexy”

  -Creative posing

  -Lighting: the How, What and Why

  -Talkin’ the Talk in the camera room

·  The Morning After

  -Photoshop not “Chop shop”

  -Using tools to save valuable time & keep you in the fore front

·  Show it Big sell it big

   -Presentation and displays

DAVE JUNION - Coconut Point 09 - Speaker




The light is everywhere.  You just have to look around.
The concepts I use to create the light for the images I create. 

How to modify outdoor light to create the feel you are trying to create.

HANSON FONG - Coconut Point 09 - Speaker


Program Description:
It is an intermediate class that uses lecture, demonstration, and hands on posing technics with the students. Participants can expect to gain the confidence that they can pose any body, any shape, any time. The technics are easy to understand and everyone with walk away with something.
The Magic of Posing and Lighting (The Lost Art)
With over 30 years in the Art of Photography, Hanson will share his technics that apply to both portrait and wedding photography. He will demonstrate the Classic 10 pose technics that he pioneered, which will allow you to handle any body types. Hanson will help you analyze different body sizes resulting in a proportional balance to each other. It you’ve ever struggled with placing a large body next to a small one, or a tall person next to a short person, Hanson’s technics will make you more confident in positing your subjects and making them all look good. What makes his technics unique is that they can be applied to both portrait and wedding, and they only take seconds to do! Lighting, metering technics will also be covered. Photographing under any lighting conditions, indoors and outdoors- any place, anytime. Hanson’s approach to finding the
proper light outdoors is simple and uncomplicated, yet helps you create those highly desirable beautiful and timeless portraits.
Program highlights include:
10 Classical Bridal Poses Fashion Lighting Control
Flow Posing Window Lighting Illustrative Posing

Group Posing & Family Body Proportion Balancing Facial Analysis 


 TRAVIS GUGELMAN - Coconut Point 09 - Speaker


Travis Gugelman started his studio 5 years ago. He went from ground zero to being in the top 4% income bracket for studios reported by the PPA. There are many reasons for the success of Gugelman Photography. Each of them will be covered here. The Business Plan, Sales Script, and Employee Manuals have each helped create a studio that runs like a franchise. This allows Travis to meet his goals and makes his studio work for him vs. him working for his studio. Travis will also teach you the concepts of lighting, step by step instructions on how to get the perfect light in any situation using your lighting equipment in the studio and outdoors in any situation. Five years ago Travis decided to take his photography to a higher level, he will share all he knows and has learned over the years to help each of you create the images you desire. Travis has received many awards here are a few of them:

Ø PPA certified
Ø 1st year entering PPA Nationals: Bronze Photographer of the year
Ø 2nd year entering PPA Nationals: Diamond Photographer of the year
Ø Idaho Photographer of the Year
Ø Kodak Gallery Award
Ø Fuji Gallery Award
Ø 2nd Place Light Pro Expo Winner
Ø 2nd Place SYNC Design Winner
Ø 3rd Place SYNC Girl Folio Winner

Travis has also taught at many conferences:
Ø Light Pro Expo Coach: 3 years
Ø Light Pro Expo Keynote Speaker: 2009
Ø SPA Speaker 2009
Ø SYNC After Dark Speaker 2009
Ø Idaho, Montana, and Tennessee State Meetings
Ø SYNC 2010 (Invited back)
Ø SPA 2010 (Invited back)

CARL CAYLOR - Coconut Point 09 - Speaker

This is the second year at Light Pro Expo for Carl Caylor.  He was so popular last year we were told by our attendees that we "had to have him back." Carl will be shooting natural light with reflectors.  It will be a combination of lecture and live demonstration.


TAMMY MARS - Coconut Point 09 - Speaker


JOHN MICHAEL HANNAN - Coconut Point 09 - Speaker / Coach


MIKE RIDINGER - Coconut Point 09 - Coach

DAVID SCHWARTZ- Coconut Point 09 - Coach

KIRK VOCLAIN - Coconut Point 09' - Photoshop Guru!!  - Tenative We are going to try and get Kirk to do our photoshop this year! Pro4um will be represented, but we love having Kirk as our fearless photoshop leader. 






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